Reunion of three friends

This spring, the team behind Cafe Paci, Dennis Roman, Zoltan Magyar and Pasi Petänen, join forces to “POP” back up “Cafe Paci” from hibernation to present 12 collaborative wine dinners at Mecca in Alexandria.  Designed to celebrate the spring harvest, the dinners will be inspired by the colours of spring.  

Week 1 Red , week 2 Yellow , week 3 White and week 4 Green.

Wines will be selected by Dennis Roman, who lives for his love and passion for wine (when he's not surfing), and Zoltan Magyar, the back bone of Cafe Paci with over 15 years of expertise under his belt. This is a celebration of friendship; collaboration, and working with produce we love.

The menu will change weekly, inspired by a colour and what we find at the market.  Dishes such as white salad, strawberries with smoked capsicum, corn and butter, and cabbage, parsley and anchovy may feature in the menu.


Week 1 Red: strawberry, rose, lamb, capsicum, blood, beetroot, raspberry, chilli, water melon, beef, red prawns, paprika, pink pepper, red onion, tuna, campari, duck, wine, rhubarb, radicchio , red cabbage, blood orange, radish…


Week 2 Yellow: lemon, honey, saffron, corn, yellow beets, yellow capsicum, ginger, banana, turmeric, pineapple, yolk, butter, yellow squash, yellow zucchini, butter beans, comte, swedes, yellow wine (vin Jaune) yellow tail (fish not the wine), gentian, witlof, polenta, yellow tail kingfish, mustard…


Week 3 White: yoghurt, turnips, almond, done marrow, white asparagus, white beans, cauliflower, parmesan, button mushrooms, calamari, rice, lardo, horseradish, onion, garlic, coconut, milk, egg white, pop corn, parsnip, white chocolate, sour-cream, sesame, celeriac, crab meat, salt, vinegar, potato…


Week 4 Green: Dill, parsley, rocket, avocado, lime, peas, asparagus, broccoli, celery, cucumber, green chilli, kiwi, matcha, artichoke, cabbage, green lip abalone, seaweed, lettuce, basil, green tomato, beans, spinach, honey dew melon, green grapes, coriander, rosemary, bay leaf…


Wines chosen by Dennis and Zoltan from local and international producers will be available for pairing with the menu, and also by the glass or bottle.


A Finn, a Chilean and a Hungarian, what could go wrong!




Thursday 12, Friday 13, Saturday 14 October

Thursday 19, Friday 20, Saturday 21 October

Thursday 26, Friday 27, Saturday 28 October

Thursday 2, Friday 3, Saturday 4 November


Cost for food will be $85 per person for a 5 course set menu, with wine/beverages charged on consumption (there will also be non-alcoholic options).


All booking requests to be emailed to